The Story of 7-20-4 Cigars

The story of 7-20-4 cigars starts long ago, back when a good 5 cent cigar was all the world really needed. RG Sullivan's 7-20-4 cigars were the most popular thing going, and his Manchester, NH factory was a thriving hotbed of the tobacco trade. Named for the address of the iconic factory that still looms large over downtown Manchester today, the company was at one time among the largest producers of cigars by volume in the world. Selling his smokes all of the country, Sullivan's company began in 1874 and kept on making cigars until 1963 when the Cuban Embargo cut off the tobacco supply and forced their doors to close.


Fast forward to 2006, and enter Kurt Kendall, a New Hampshire based cigar retailer with 2 terrific retail stores and an avid historian and collector of tobacco memorabilia. He had long dreamed of creating his own line of premium cigars, and upon studying the local history surrounding 7-20-4 cigars he decided to revive the brand name as an homage to the past. Kurt worked painstakingly to find the perfect blend for the flagship 7-20-4 line, with the final product incorporating tobacco from 5 different countries. That line as well as subsequent releases from the company have continued the trend of pushing the envelope of boutique blending creating an exquisite premium smoking experience designed to delight the senses of the most discerning cigar enthusiasts.


With a name paying tribute to the past while the cigars show off the future and embody the creative spirit alive in the boutique cigar community today, 7-20-4 cigars gained a legion of loyal fans. Kurt's brand began humbly, with mostly New England-based smokers learning about the cigars. They didn't remain a secret for long, as word quickly spread around the country about the terrific new blend using the throwback brand name. Everyone wanted to smoke a piece of history for themselves! 7-20-4 cigars went nationwide, and you can find them at fine tobacconists in every state in the country. Kurt has continued to innovate, releasing a variety of unique blends under the 7-20-4 umbrella that have scored the highest praise from the cigar media and regular smokers alike.


While the story of 7-20-4 cigars continues to be written, one can only assume that R.G. Sullivan would be pleased to know that the iconic brand name he created well over 100 years ago is still at the forefront of the tobacco industry today. While clearly much has changed from the day's of the factory on Elm Street, the tradition of high quality cigars blended with the best tobacco and sold at a reasonable price still rings true today.